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Corporate Philosophy

With all our knowledge and passion,
we keep on bringing dreams and hopes to society.

Since the company was founded in 1999, we have been carrying out all corporate activities with knowledge and passion.

By making the most out of the ever-changing environment for further progress,
we respond speedily to our customer needs from a global perspective.

In line with the increasing awareness on environmental conservation,
we are expanding our recycling businesses to help achieve a resources recycling society,
and are also supplying new alloy products, so that we continue to contribute in building a better society.

The company is committed to create a new future,
and to keep on growing to form a solid foundation for further social development.

Enviromental Policy

Based on Our Links with all companies of Toyota Tsusho Group.
We Strive to create an enviromentally friendly company

Toyota Tsusho Group's Environmental Policy

  1. As a responsible corporate citizen, we work to reduce impact on the environment, conserve energy, recycle resources and eliminate environmental pollution, while placing a high priority on not disturbing the global environment in conducting business.
  2. We promote environment-related businesses, such as the efficient use of waste and the preservation of natural resources, and contribute to the realization of a recycling-oriented economy and society in collaboration with our affiliates and business partners.
  3. We comply with all environmental requirements, including environmental laws and regulations and industry guidelines.
  4. We participate in activities to reduce impact on the environment by establishing an environmental management system and continue to improve these activities through periodic review and the application of creative ideas.
  5. We enhance environmental awareness among directors and employees by providing environmental training and promoting a thorough understanding of our environmental policy


We acquired ISO14001 certification in December 2000, the internationally recognized standard for environmental management systems, and are committed to business activities that give adequate concern to environmental issues.

Toyota Tsusho Group Compliance Policy

We have established internal reporting lines, and we provide training and seminars and take various other measures to ensure that the entire company thoroughly complies with laws and regulations.

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