Toytotsu Material Inc.

Corporate Information

Corporate History

May 1999 Separating from the Toyota Tsusho Corporation Non-Ferrous Metals Division, the company is established as the Toyotsu Non-Ferrous Sales Corporation.
Jul. 1999 Toyotsu Non-Ferrous Sales Corporation starts operations.
Jun. 2000 After being licensed by Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.,
the company starts the exclusive manufacture and sale of “GUMMETAL.”
Dec. 2000 Company acquires ISO14001 certification.
Oct. 2002 Osaka Branch opens.
Apr. 2004 Toyota Tsusho Corporation Iron and Steel Raw Materials Division transfers its business to Toyotsu Non-Ferrous Sales Corporation, and changes its trading name to Toyotsu Material Incorporated.
Nov. 2006 Osaka Branch acquires ISO14001 certification.
Apr. 2008 Kyushu Branch opens.
Dec. 2009 Tohoku Office opens.
Jun. 2012 Increased capital to 100 million yen.
Apr. 2013 Tokyo Branch opens.
Jun. 2015 Increased capital to 500 million yen.
Aug. 2015 Hokkaido Office opens.
Apr. 2016 Niigata , Hokuriku , and Hiroshima Offices open. Company name in English changes to Toyota Tsusho Material Incorporated.
Oct. 2016 Head Office moved to Symphony Toyota Bldg., Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya.
Mar. 2017 Company acquires AS9120 certification.
Apr. 2017 Merges Toyotsu Rare Earths Corporation into Toyota Tsusho Material Incorporated.
Tohoku and Hokuriku Branches open.

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