Toytotsu Material Inc.

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Recycling of non-ferrous metals

We are engaged in procurement and recycling of non-ferrous material resources,such as aluminum,copper,magnesium,nickel etc

From Procuring to Recycling


[Secondary aluminum alloy ingots]

Die-casting alloy, Casting alloy, Extruded alloy, Rolling alloy For Iron & steal alloy(Deoxidation), Aluminum base metal

[Aluminum scrap]

Tense, Wheel, Extrusion, Litho sheet, UBC, Telic etc.

Molten Aluminum plants Toyota Tsusho Corporation to expand(17 plants in the world.)

Aiming at the top runner of next-generation Automobile recycling

Making use of recycling networks of Toyota Tsusho Group, we build a domestic circulation scheme of rare resources


[HEV Scrap]

Nickel(battery scrap etc.), Titanium(pure titanium, titanium alloy etc.) Carbide(tungsten etc.), Rare earth(Nd magnet etc.)

[Non-Ferrous Scrap]

Copper(#1Copper, Brass powder etc.), Zinc(shot powder, ash) Magnesium(handle etc.) Lead(battery etc.)

Many rare metals are used in batteries and motors, which are basic components of HV (hybrid vehicles) and EV (electric vehicles) , so-called "Next-Generation vehicles".
Through the promotion of domestic recycling of rare metals, we support stable procurement of raw materials.
Not only factory scrap, we make an advance into scrap recovery business using all networks of Toyota Tsusho group, ahead of competitors.

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