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The global lithium market transaction volume reached approximately 140,000 tons (LCE: lithium carbonate equivalent) in 2014, and is anticipated to continue to grow by 10% every year. Particularly, a 20% fast annual growth is expected in lithium mainly for secondary cells mounted on vehicles.

Along with the government’s energy policy changes to further enhance environmental awareness, and with a secured performance and safety due to technology development, industries that demand for lithium batteries are increasing rapidly. Development of clean technologies including the EV and storage battery systems are typical examples. Further, diversification of electronic equipment and components such as mobile phones, mobile computers, tablets, and digital cameras are believed to boost the lithium market.


While the lithium demand keeps on surging, Toyota Tsusho is working on a lithium development project (the Olaroz Project) in Argentina as a pioneer of Japanese private companies. Toyota Tsusho Group is the exclusive sales agency for lithium carbonate, products made from this project. By making effective use of the Toyota Tsusho network, Toyota Tsusho Material Incorporated is committed to deliver lithium products to our customers around the world.

Olaroz products

The Olaroz Project partner company in Argentina, Sales de Jujuy S.A., offers a lineup of the following four different grades of lithium to meet various needs.

Sales de JUJUY

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