Toyota Tsusho Material Incorporated

Corporate Information

With all our knowledge and passion,
we keep on bringing dreams and hopes to society.

Since the company was founded in 1999,
we have been carrying out all corporate activities with knowledge and passion.

By making the most out of the ever-changing environment for further progress,
we respond speedily to our customer needs from a global perspective.

In line with the increasing awareness on environmental conservation,
we are expanding our recycling businesses to help achieve a resources recycling society,
and are also supplying new alloy products, so that we continue to
contribute in building a better society.

The company is committed to create a new future,
and to keep on growing to form a solid foundation
for further social development.

Message from the President/

Kiyoshi Yamakawa
Toyota Tsusho Material Incorporated

Moving forward as a creative company in non-ferrous metals,
iron and steel raw materials.

As part of our commitment, we will strongly strive to develop our co-creation business in the engineering field of value chains of non-ferrous metals. We are also continuing to dedicate ourselves to meeting the needs of our customers through our distribution network of iron and steel raw materials across the globe.

Additionally, the market environment has been rapidly changing in recent years. We always challenge ourselves to create new business models based on the knowledge we have accumulated as a strong trading company in the manufacturing industry. We emphasize the "Three Realities Principles (San-Gen Shugi)" including "Real Place (Genchi)" – going to the real location, "Real Situation (Genbutsu)" – understanding what is really happening in actual places and "Reality (Genjitsu)" – basing decisions on reality.

We have set the corporate vision "Challenge 2020" which indicates the goal toward the year 2020. We are intensively promoting extensive human resources development and innovation (business creations) based on a strengthened management foundation.

We will continue contributing to the development of the metal industry with our continuous effort to accomplish cutting-edge business models that are beyond ordinary medium to long-term. We will continue providing added value for our customers along with our every day mission as a solutions partner.

We strive to become an essential partner to fulfill the expectations of all our customers. We sincerely appreciate your support and guidance and look forward to serving you with our best efforts for many years to come.